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The Workbook for You


I really enjoyed Step 1, 2 and 3. This book is very informative and a great resource for a first-time buyer!

She explains things step-by-step and it is very easy to understand for a normal, everyday person that wants a home. This is a great book!

Sylvia Barber

Thinking of buying a house????? Check this workbook out!!! Laid out, simple, and in LAYMAN'S TERMS the whole process!! She even included a list of do's even AFTER you closed on the house.
Savings challenges..
Budget worksheets..

With this book and the RIGHT Realtor, the process should be smooth sailing!!!This will DEFINITELY HELP MANY!!!!! 

C. Rucks

She’s taken the stressful home buying process & broken it down into easy steps for people to understand. She has helped me purchase & sale multiple homes as well as many of our other friends. Her 10+ years as a Realtor & now Broker, have gained her plethora of experience. I’m glad that she gets the opportunity to share her knowledge to help others achieve their personal goals of homeownership! 

Samantha P.

The notebook collection is STUNNING. I have 2 and will be ordering more! Love them!


Omg! These journals are gorgeous! 


I have purchased several homes and this book still educated me! 

Love Dorsey

Rakeisha is humble, knowledgeable and gives straight answers. She helped me locate down payment assistance in my town and explained to me what to do to get my house hunting started.

I didn't feel comfortable contacting an agent right at this moment, but wanted some solid professional recommendations.  So glad I booked a personal call with her! 


OMG! I was skeptical, but I’m glad I bought the book and booked a call with her!

She answered all my questions patiently and helped me create a savings plan that works for me with fluctuating income and being a single parent. Off to work the workbook!

Ms. Johnson

I had the pleasure of seeing the journals at a focus group and fell in love. They are beautiful while well made. 

Mrs. Jones

The See Yourself Project


The Workbook Shop's core mission is to aid, empower and educate. A key part of empowerment is representation, diversity and inclusion. The confidence one gets when they see themselves on their notebook surrounded with positive affirmations is life changing.

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