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DIY Credit Repair Kit (Download)
DIY Credit Repair Kit (Download)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DIY Credit Repair Kit (Download)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DIY Credit Repair Kit (Download)

DIY Credit Repair Kit (Download)

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We recognize that everyone is not in a position to pay for credit repair or may desire to do it themselves. The Do It Yourself Credit Repair Kit that includes 12 letter templates that can assist you in repairing your own credit.

Kit Includes:

  • Inquiry Removal Letter
  • Collection Removal Letter
  • Personal Info Dispute Letter
  • Late Payment Removal Letter
  • Debt Validation Letter
  • Charge Off Removal Letter
  • Repossession Removal Letter
  • Method of Verification Letter
  • Pay to Delete Letter
  • Bankruptcy Removal Letter
  • Goodwill Letter
  • Identity Theft Letter
  • ALL Letters in MS Word Format for easy editing


This product is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

Disclaimer: All letters and verbiage contained within this kit are thought to be accurate at the time of creation, however laws change so you need to be diligent in checking your own state laws.

All letters within this kit are the letters that have been used and you should always use good judgement when dealing with your credit issues by doing your own research.

By viewing and/ or using this kit you agree that we offer no warranties of how you may use the information or the educational material nor do we offer any legal, tax or financial advice. You repair your credit at your own discretion and are to use DIY kit for educational purposes.